Sunday, May 24, 2020


Raphadbuilders Construction Company is an exceptional company capable of handling of every conceivable design in Building, Civil Engineering and Allied Fields.

Raphadbuilders Construction Company is rapidly growing, however their commitment and dedication towards exhibiting high skills in project delivery is constantly renewed to position the company adequately for effective service and project delivery within cost and stipulated time, as well as meeting the client’s request to have value for money and / or return of investment.

They provide complete range of skills in Building & Civil Engineering, Maintenance and Services, Health and Environmental Protection, Project Design and Development, Real Estate and Facility Management.

Owning to the deployment of their appropriate Technology and Skills they possesses in Building/Construction Management and Project Execution/Delivery, they have acquired a reputation in the maintenance of certified processes, meeting standards on project procurement, execution and delivery, regardless of the size of such project.

They also have a sound knowledge and skill in Project programming, Real Estate, Property Investment, & Management and with new material for Construction and also new methodologies in construction project with strong knowledge, skills and strategy in materials and logistics management.

Raphadbuilders Construction Company are not only responsive and sympathetic with client’s objectivities, but are also flexible with regards to the form of contractual relationship they enter into with their clients. Their strong desire for client’s satisfaction provides an impetus, a compelling disposition in undertaking project briefs, its execution especially when engaged on turnkey projects.

Try them today and be glad you did.

Leke Adeitan
CEO Raphadbuilders construction company

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