Saturday, December 28, 2019

Arturo Vidal takes legal action against Barcelona

Here comes one of the most bizarre and unexpected rumours of 2019 — Arturo Vidal is suing Barcelona.
According to ABC, the third most-read news outlet in Spain, Arturo Vidal, through his lawyers, has taken Barcelona to court. The midfielder is reportedly demanding that Barca pay him €2.4m in bonuses in accordance to his contract.
Reported bonuses in Vidal’s contract:
Around €2m for playing more than 60% of the official matches;
€1.4m for advancing from the Champions League Round of 16 and CL quarterfinals;
€250,000 for winning La Liga;
Arturo’s side insists that Vidal should receive a bigger part of the first clause, €2.8m for the second clause and the third clause. In total, this would amount to €4,097,500. The midfielder says he received approximately half of the said amount and claims he is due €2.4m more.
The club’s lawyers, however, reveal that Vidal failed to take part in more than 60% of the official matches so no bonus is due. To be considered a game played, the player must play a minimum of 45 minutes. Vidal didn’t fulfil 60% of the games and therefore, received half of the bonus
In case of the Champions League bonus, it is meant to be paid only once — when the club advanced through the Round of 16 and the quarter-finals — not twice. And finally, they did pay the La Liga bonus.
Moreover, Barcelona point out that Vidal has been okay with the bonuses he received at the end of last season and it is suspicious that he files the complaint only when rumours start appearing about a possible departure. Thus, the club believe that the 32-year-old is only trying to push a move away from Camp Nou.
Inter Milan are interested in Vidal and are determined to bring him already this winter.


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