Monday, May 27, 2019

Man weds two wives in one White wedding ceremony (Photos)

Pictures of a man’s white wedding to two wives in one ceremony has taken the Internet by surprise after it went viral.
In a society where monogamy is well praised and a man marrying more than one wife is being criticized except in certain cultures and religion, it is rare to see a man wed two wives in one ceremony most especially white wedding that is mostly practiced by Christians whose doctrine goes against marrying two wives .

The details of the wedding is a bit sketchy as there are almost no information regarding the couple and the location of the wedding ceremony.
Many cannot but wonder how the man was able to convince both women to agreeing to walk down the aisle on the same day. The wedding is said to have been a civil marriage and so we wonder if this is even a legal practice.
See pictures from the event below.
The news that a man weds two wives in one ceremony has sparked so many reactions. Some are amused over his choice of marrying two women on the same day while some wonder how he is able to manage two women when keeping one is considered a herculean task.
Since no one can tell what inspired this decision, all we can do is wish them luck in their marriage.
He will not be the first to venture into this form of marriage. Sometime last year, a Nigerian prince identified as Obukeni Prince Monday Ochendu from the family of His Royal Majesty Edward Obukeni 1 (Jp) Ovie Of Igbide Kingdom in Delta State, married two wives on Saturday, October 27th on the same day.


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